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Marianne DuQuette Cuozzo

Photo Credit: Mia Barkan Clarke
Photo Credit: Mia Barkan Clarke
Photo Credit: Mia Barkan Clarke

Meet Marianne DuQuette Cuozzo, artist, mother, dreamer and three-time cancer survivor.

Marianne grew up in a family of artists.  Art was part of their everyday life.  Someone was always creating something.  She realized at an early age that their family was not like every other suburban family and she liked it that way.

Growing up only 45 minutes outside of New York City allowed her to go to art school and hold a number of art jobs as she gained experience in a variety of art mediums.  It eventually paved a way for her and a friend to have their own studio where she was a decorative painter.  

Life changed for Marianne in 1994, when she was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin Lymphoma.  She was only 28 years old.  After several rounds of radiation and a splenectomy, Marianne was told she would most likely never conceive.  This was devastating to the newlywed.

In 1997 Marianne experienced a recurrence (everyone’s greatest fear when faced with a cancer diagnosis).  This time she underwent chemotherapy.

Two years into her remission status, Marianne was told she could try to have a baby and in 2000 her miracle baby, Leonardo was born.

“Art is my therapy and therapy is my art.”

In 2014 cancer reared it’s ugly head again.  This time in the form of breast cancer.  Marianne underwent a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction.  She endured chemo once again.  But complications arose and an infection compromised one of her implants.  Several emergency room visits later, she had the one implant removed and ultimately both, leaving her “flat.”

“I’m currently flat” and working on “fabulous!”

Marianne still paints and finds time to be creative every day.  “Art is my therapy and therapy is my art,” she explains.  Her recent art is a complete reflection of her life, past and present.  The birds in her art represent her breasts.  The cages, her sexuality –  a struggle for her.  And the hearts on strings represent her hope, which she always carries around.  Marianne’s art has helped not only herself, but many other people she has met through social media channels.

Marianne’s commissioned work starts at $50, for a stylized pen and ink drawing (unframed).

Want to learn more or commission a piece?  Connect with Marianne.


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