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Dear Underbelly Sneak Peek!

This is just a little teaser… a sneak peek into what you’ll have to look forward to with Dear Underbelly, a new corner of The Underbelly.  This is a space where we answer letters submitted anonymously about breast cancer and all the many ways it seeps into the corners, crevices and cracks of our lives.

Individuals are encouraged to write to us about any question, concern, dilemma, or crisis of any sort they may be facing and aren’t sure exactly what to do next.  We will weigh in and provide thoughts, commentary, advice and more often than not, empathy, regarding the situation the writer finds themselves in.  With five women who are all various stages and many years out from their original diagnosis, we bring a breadth of experience and some strongly held beliefs and opinions that we aren’t afraid to share.

And while we aren’t medical professionals, we do consider ourselves well versed in cancer, life and trying to survive.  We know how cancer impacts our bodies, our abilities, our cognition, our memory, our families and friendships, our jobs and finances, our emotions and mental health/well-being and so much more.  And you never know who might stop by and join us on the show (experts, leaders, trailblazers and more).

So if you are struggling or just having a hard time making a decision or feeling misunderstood, WRITE TO US!  This is one more way we build community.  This is a place here you can show up, be your messy selves, and feel seen and heard.  It’s one more reminder, you are not alone.  We’re in this together.

“Courage starts with showing up, and letting ourselves be seen.” – Brene Brown

Full Episodes Begin Airing in October!

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  • A creative introvert who mistakenly thought she was an extrovert. A seeker of sorts and purveyor of "me toos". When she's not writing - she's loving on her peeps and furbabies. Friendship, nature and a good antidepressant are her lifesavers.

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