Amy English
Amy English Coaching

Amy English is a life coach who helps women work through change as they navigate life after breast cancer. A breast cancer survivor herself, Amy started her coaching business to help other women deal with the overwhelming prospect of finding their new normal after cancer treatment. Amy also works with women who struggle with weight loss to reclaim love for their bodies. Visit her coaching website at Amy English Coaching.

Sara Bartosiewicz-Hamilton
Flat & Fabulous

Sara runs Flat & Fabulous, the empowering site for breastless women. What started as a safe place for her to discuss the challenges of living breastless in a breast obsessed world has become a platform to empower others to live the best version of themselves. Healing mentally, emotionally and physically is a crucial step in our journeys and Sara strives to help others find the path that is right for them. Read more about Sara here.


Lara Huffman
Get Up Swinging

Lara is a survivor, photographer, and writer. She advocates tirelessly for metastatic disease education, research, and fundraising in honor of her mother who passed from breast cancer at the age of 40. Lara’s work can be found on The Huffington Post and her own site, Get Up Swinging.

Jennifer Pellechio-Lukowiak
The Fashionista Fights

Jennifer is the author of Does This Outfit Make Me Look Bald?, a survivor’s take on facing cancer with humor and style. She writes regularly on her blog, The Fashionista Fights, where she talks about all manner of topics that most people don’t want to look at, including the deaths of friends, sex after cancer, and treatment options.

Anna Sharudenko

Anna Sharudenko

Anna Sharudenko is the daughter of a cancer patient. They are battling cancer together! In between the appointments to the cancer clinic and homework assignments, she enjoys writing and spending time with her parrot – best friend, Pasha. Her passions include law, psychology, and reading books about body language and how the human mind works. She is also a big fan of Stephen King’s stories. Anna came to the United States at the age of 10, with the goal of receiving an education and making a career. She currently resides in California.

Susanne Kraus-Dahlgren

Oft described as a living embodiment of a Cards Against Humanity deck, Susanne’s rants and essays and other works are a little bit Julia Sugarbaker, a little Emilie Autumn, a little bit Daenerys Targaryen, a little bit Ambassador Delenn, and entirely 100% Susanne. When she’s not kicking figurative hornet nests and smiling cheerfully at the impotent rage that results, she’s fiddling with her website, playing on Flight Rising, gaming with friends, keeping up with appointments, and living life in general. She lives in Nebraska with her wife, Jen, and their three children, Loki, George, and Bucky.

Mary Lanham
Subtle Workings

Mary Lanham writes for love, not money, which is why she still has a day job. In February 2015 she was diagnosed with stage 2A, triple negative breast cancer; she is currently in remission. She lives in the Midwest but grew up in the South (her accent is usually set to stealth mode). You can find more of her words at

April Doyle

April Doyle
The C Life

April Doyle is a MBC patient with a big mouth and passion for writing. She has been living with stage IV metastasis to bones for the last two years and continues to work when not running after her five year old son. She has a BA in English Literature from CSU Fresno and she’s not afraid to use it. She currently resides in central California where she can be found with her nose in a book or in the vegetable garden. Sometimes simultaneously.

Jessica Fratrik

Jessica Fratrik

Jessica was diagnosed on January 19, 2015 at age 28 and has been writing about her experience from the viewpoint of an empowered, but often scared patient who is typically the youngest person in the cancer center waiting room. Since completing treatment in June, she’s moved on to empowered survivor working to find steady footing in her so-called “new normal”. She’s currently living the good life in a small Florida beach town with her boyfriend and rescue pup, Gizmo.

Rebecca Scheinkman

Rebecca Scheinkman

Rebecca lives and works in Manhattan. She has a passion for interesting brunch spots, experimenting with the latest beauty and make-up trends, and most New York sports teams, especially the New York Rangers! She has a Masters degree in Sports Business Marketing from NYU. She lives for funny stories in any form.

Keri Chiappino
Healing Boobies

Dr. Keri Chiappino is a chiropractic neurologist, yoga teacher, breast cancer survivor and “thriver”. She is the creator of the Healing Boobies Experience, which is a worldwide movement dedicated to help women ‘get their HAPPY back’ after breast cancer.

Kelli Parker

Kelli Parker

Kelli Parker was diagnosed at 26 with stage I breast cancer. She was diagnosed again stage IV 5 years later, at only 33. Kelli advocates that the current awareness and early detection approach is not working and the narrative doesn’t match what’s really happening behind the pink curtain. You can find her drawing attention to MBC on her Facebook page, IAMSUSAN along with it’s hashtag she coined, #iamsusan.

Beth Caldwell

Beth Caldwell is a mom of two and former civil rights lawyer who lives in Seattle. In 2014, she found the lump in her breast that turned out to be metastatic breast cancer and gave up her career to focus on parenting and cancer activism. In 2015, she co-founded MET UP, a grassroots organization committed to changing the landscape of metastatic cancer through direct action. Her writing is featured on Huffington Post and in I STILL Just Want To Pee Alone, a collection of essays about parenting, as well as on her blog,

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