Want to Join The Underbelly?

We would love to feature your article, personal essay, art, or poetry.

Submissions can include either your personal breast cancer experience or a depiction of how cancer affects us all (whether you’ve had cancer or not!).

How would I know if I'm a good fit for The Underbelly?

We invite you to share breast cancer experiences with harsh truths, irreverent humor, and relatable coping mechanisms. We’re looking for honest perspectives from all walks of life – queer, straight, trans, all races, all stages, all diagnoses, all treatment options (or none at all!). No sugar coating or excessive cheerfulness required. We are especially looking for feminist viewpoints (though not exclusively female) on all breast cancer-related topics and advocacy. We like stories that surprise, amuse, enrage, and illuminate. We’re showing our soft underbellies, now show us yours.

How do I submit my article, artwork, etc?

Email the following information to [email protected]:

  1. Name, age, diagnosis date and details
  2. Story idea or finished piece
  3. Link to website, blog, or any other identifiable social media (your facebook, insta, etc)
  4. Bio information you’d like included on your contributor’s page
  5. Picture of yourself to go with your article (if you’d like it included)

What should my submission include?

Articles, stories, poetry, etc. should be at least 500 words, but no more than 2500 words. We want to read your story, but dissertations are a lot for readers to digest.

Please spell and grammar check your work before submission. We may review and ask you to edit or make corrections.

Images may be included provided they are licensed for creative commons, commercial use, or are of your own creation, or credit is given. If you need help with images, please ask.

What's included when my article is published?

All published pieces will have your byline. You’ll also be added to our contributors page which will feature your bio information + picture if provided, and link to your website and social media profiles (facebook, insta, etc). Additionally, you’ll have a user profile in WordPress, where you can view your previous articles and submit new ones for review!

How will I know when my piece will appear?

We will notify you if we’d like to publish your piece and when it will go up. When it appears, we’ll send you a link!

Will I be paid for my submission?

In order to be considered for payment, your article must be original, as in never published anywhere else before (including your blog). Paid articles must have at least 1000 words and a unique perspective, be organized, thoughtful, and informative, and connect with The Underbelly’s mission. Writers will be paid via PayPal $50 per approved article per month. It is the sole discretion of the Editors to determine which articles will be paid monthly.

Your article will include any links to your blog, business and/or social media.

Can I submit previously published articles or posts?

We would prefer to read fresh stories and ideas, but as long as the topic is currently relevant, we’ll consider previously published work on an individual basis.

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