The Promise

Dear Bellies,

This is the letter we each wish we’d received upon being diagnosed with breast cancer. We hope it will carry you when it’s hard. Because it will be, and we’ll be here.

There is so much we want to share with you as you begin to process and accept all the difficulties that have just been laid out before you, all the seemingly insurmountable feats you are about to tackle.

None of this is going to be easy. It’s no cakewalk love, but we believe in you. You can get through – on your terms, in your style – in your way. You can do it.

You can because, you deserve to be here. We all do. You can because, this is not your fault. It’s not anyone’s. You can because, you are not this disease. None of us are. You can because, you are not your breasts. My dear, you are so much more. You are a miracle of matter and you have a purpose.

You get to decide what you do. You get to decide how it all goes down…mostly. You get to choose all the things that you have control of. And all those things that you are powerless over (and there will be many) – they don’t get to overshadow the rest. Your light is so far reaching it can not be smothered.

Your shine is far too bright to ever be dulled…even when you are gone, you will remain. You are the stars and all that they are made of.

We want you to listen up and listen hard. This is important. These things matter. They are promises. Promises we want you to make to yourself, because they are essential to your recovery, your healing and your existence.


Melanie, Melissa & Susan

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