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Jana Kománková is, thanks to her hard working and nice colleagues, the editor in chief of this website. Before that she has worked as the editor in chief of Report magazine and still is a DJ of Prague's famous independent Radio 1. Has contributed numerous articles to various Czech media, such as the daily papers MF Dnes and Lidové noviny, Czech versions of ELLE, Esquire, Cinema and Quo magazines, several Tv and radio stations. She had two TV shows at the music station Óčko. Mostly writes about culture and the Internet but enjoys reporting from quirky events that have nothing to do with these, or writing evil columns about things such as food or pockets that are too small for anyone to use. Has co-written several books. Works on another one, this time on cancer fighting. Can be seen occassionaly DJing in clubs and bars all over the country (less so these days).

Style Interrupted

I like to ponder on fashion and style and how it changed with cancer. ...