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Jaspreet Dhindsa-Sidhu

At the age of 31 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, it was a shock to say the least, my life was turned upside down. I decided that I would fight like never before, what other choice did I have. My treatment began quickly it included chemotherapy, mastectomy, and radiation. Treatment was done and I was ready to move on with my "new normal", it had been about a year and I was living my life to the fullest - I was given a second chance or so I thought. Then it was discovered that the cancer had metastasized to my brain. I am now living with Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) /Stage 4 and will be in treatment for the rest of my life. All I can hope for now is that my treatments continue to work and that new treatment options become available as time goes on. My blog has been very therapeutic. Writing helps me express my thoughts, feelings while advocating and building awareness about MBC and what is like living with this disease.