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Think of your body’s immune system as a super-secret agent that defends your body from attack. You want to be sure you give it the best weapons possible, so avoid processed foods. Processed foods are full of preservatives and additives that can lower immune function.

The Foods that make it Hard for Your Body

Processed foods also contain high levels of sugar, which is converted into glucose in our bloodstream. Too much glucose can weaken our immune system by causing inflammation and making it harder for our cells to fight off invaders.

That’s why you should try to limit how much processed food you eat or avoid them altogether so your immune system has more energy to fight off invaders.

Practice Proper Hygiene

You know you’re supposed to wash your hands after you go to the bathroom, but here are some other hygiene tips you might not be aware of:

  • Keep your phone clean
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Practice safe sex (or avoid it altogether)
  • Practice safe food handling