How To Prevent Sports Injuries

Bruises and strains are certainly the most common injuries in sports. The best way to prevent these injuries is to warm up properly. A “cold start” can quickly lead to the overloading of individual parts of the body and abruptly end the sporting pleasure. Using a heavy elastic adhesive bandage can also help.

Train without overloading the body

Sport should be fun. After all, you want to do something good for your body and not damage it through excessive training.

However, many do not know their own limits or overestimate themselves. This can lead to sports injuries that are actually preventable.


What does training look like that trains the body without overstraining it?

A realistic training plan

Realistic goals, a reasonable amount of training and the right dosage of training intensity are important cornerstones for avoiding overexertion during sport.

It should always be based on the individual training condition. Whether you are a beginner, advanced or professional, advice from a trainer is a real help when it comes to putting together the right training program.

Instructions from the pro

Anyone starting a new sport or using special equipment for training for the first time should be instructed by a qualified trainer at the beginning. How are the movements performed correctly? What posture should you adopt and how can you gradually increase the level of difficulty? These basics are important because they not only help to achieve optimal training success but also help to keep the risk of injury as low as possible.

Keep an eye on your own limitsheavy elastic adhesive bandage

Sport in a group is a real motivating factor. Many recreational athletes find it easier to pull themselves together in everyday life. And the comparison with the sports partners can also inspire you to achieve top performance.

However, if you focus too much on the performance of others and lose sight of your own limits, you risk overloading and, in the worst case, injuries. So, listen to your body and go at your own pace.

Pain is a warning sign to using a heavy elastic adhesive bandage

If your ankle hurts or your knee is struggling, “gritting your teeth” is far from the right strategy.

Because pain is a warning signal from the body and should be perceived as such. Take a break immediately and, if necessary, take healthy measures right away.