Importance of Communication & Assertiveness

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Developing Your Communication Skills

To become a clear communicator, you must be able to successfully explain your thoughts, ideas, needs, and desires. Clear communication helps you manage your time and life, feel good about yourself, and develop trusting connections with others.

Ask yourself what you desire. Understanding what you want to express completely can assist you communicate your message. Practice what you’re going to say ahead of time by saying it aloud to yourself or someone else. Don’t be scared to adjust your message along the way. Maintain your concentration. Don’t bring up stuff from the past.



Being assertive is defined as actions and words that communicate a person’s thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Direct, forceful, and honest communication. Respecting the rights of others as well as your own. It is also a talent that you will always strive to improve.

Many of us are afraid of offending people because we are afraid of being disliked. However, even if you escape immediate discomfort, you may end up ruining a relationship in the long term because you will feel taken advantage of. They feel it is “unnice” to prioritize our own needs over those of others.
They believe we should not “create a scene” if someone says or does anything we don’t agree with.