Mental Health Issues that Secretly Affects Productivity

Mental health issues that go unnoticed can jeopardize your business. What you don’t know can hurt you if you aren’t conscious that there is an issue. Alternatively, you (or even your staff) may notice symptoms and seek medical care, only to get lost in the search for an unobtainable diagnosis.

This insight will undoubtedly aid us in making improvements that will increase production and profit. But, more crucially, these adjustments make our lives more enjoyable.

Because they are currently not diagnosable, the following three disorders are unnoticeable from the mental health scope.

The three disorders indicate that the DSM-5 or Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders does not recognize them yet.

Three Mental Health Issues that Secretly Affect Productivity

Check on the following issues and try to instigate change.

1-Social Media Addiction

These platforms are purposefully created to be addicting. Recent research has shown that receiving social media likes and comments on social media stimulates the release of dopamine, demonstrating the addictive nature of the platform.

2-Gray-area Drinking

The use of alcohol affects our sleep cycles, resulting in feelings of rage, despair, mental weariness, and stress. Cortisol, a stress hormone, is also increased by alcohol. Even with infrequent use, these negative effects can occur.


Burnout can be caused by a multitude of factors, including the work environment, neurotype, and two prior difficulties. Workplace burnout is perhaps the most well-known and relatable.