4 Key Concepts About Well-being

While it’s wonderful to have so many tools at your fingertips, the sheer volume of information available can be daunting at times – especially if you’re still not certain what “wellbeing” signifies.

We always want to continue living our best life possible, but figuring out what that entails may be challenging to put it lightly.

As shown in a latest analysis by behavioral scientists at the University of Girona in Spain, the entire wellbeing is defined by four major ‘nodes,’ or characteristics that interact in a push-pull manner – and concentrating on these four areas can assist you in making good changes in other parts of your life among others.

4 Concepts about Well-being

The following are the four criteria that the researchers feel describe ‘wellbeing’:

  • I am mostly grateful of who I am as well as the journey I direct.
  • In broad sense, I am strong and optimistic in myself.
  • I love creating future plans and trying to maximize them a reality.
  • In essence, I believe I am in command of my circumstances.

While these words may appear meaningless at first, they were created using an existing scale that is used to measure happiness around the world, and they include essential psychological principles like self-acceptance, life purpose, and feelings of competence.

In a nutshell, these statements define the key characteristics that make us happy – and as a result, they can assist us in identifying areas of our life that we would want to improve.