The Key To Good Health Is Healthy Teeth

Human behavior, like other illnesses, determines the majority of the risk factors for the development of dental caries, periodontal pathology, and occlusion pathology. As a result, Alta Sky Dental along with other dental professionals all over the country made it their responsibility to inform people about the nature of illnesses, providing simple and effective ways of preventative self-help, and motivating families to promote healthy behaviors are all important components of the preventive approach.

Dental caries

the most prevalent chronic infectious illness in children and adults Opportunistic pathogens that reside in plaque cause the disease. These bacteria are natural participants in oral biocenosis and do not impair a healthy system. Acidogenic microorganisms recycle food remnants that have remained in the periodontal environment after each carbohydrate-containing meal, getting energy through glycolysis and producing lactic, acetic, and other organic acids. Acids promote demineralization of enamel by causing the partial breakdown of surface crystals of dental enamel, which are composed of calcium and phosphorus compounds. Normal conditions, however, swiftly replace demineralization with remineralization: saliva, which is a supersaturated solution of enamel mineral components, replenishes tooth tissue.

Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is carried out using special tools and items designed for this purpose. These include toothpaste, powders, gels, toothbrushes, dental floss, toothpicks, dental elixirs, rinses. Cleansing the oral cavity from food debris, dental deposits, cellular, microbial and food detritus is necessary to prevent their harmful effects and keep the oral organs in a healthy state.


Nutrition, as an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, plays a significant role in the prevention of dental diseases. First, it is a factor in the formation of teeth resistant to adverse effects; secondly, a balanced diet reduces the caries effect of easily digestible carbohydrates; thirdly, nutrition is considered as a means of self-cleaning of the oral cavity, overcoming chewing laziness, and training the dentition.

Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle directly affects the condition of the dentition. First of all, it is expressed in the observance of the optimal regime of oral hygiene, rational nutrition, and methods of eating, providing the necessary conditions for the proper growth and development of teeth and jaws, and rejection of bad habits. Instilling these skills allows you to significantly increase the resistance of the dentoalveolar system to diseases and keep it in a healthy state for a long time.

Dental floss

Dental floss is a thread of synthetic fibers for cleaning the contact surfaces of teeth and interdental spaces. The use of threads gives a good effect on contact surface caries and gingivitis.


toothpicks are used to clean the interdental spaces and lateral surfaces of the teeth as an object of oral hygiene. Toothpicks are especially effective with wide interdental spaces, the presence of periodontal pockets, after periodontal surgery.


Toothpaste is a specialized dosage form designed for oral hygiene, prevention, and treatment of diseases of its organs. With the help of toothpaste, effective cleaning of the oral cavity and therapeutic and prophylactic effects are provided through the use of abrasive, antimicrobial, dissolving, surfactant, bacteriostatic, stimulating substances.