Ways in Recognizing and Managing Stress

Stress occurs in our belief that our bodily requirements are greater than our ability. Normally, there are lots of factors contributing to stress – life’s changes, threatened or overwhelmed, and loss of control.

Every individual may have the chance to suffer and respond to stressful circumstances differently. Although, it is normal to be stressed, prolonged exposure to it may lead to negative effect on the physical and mental aspect.

Signs of Stress

If you feel one of the following signs, then you may probably suffering from stress:

  • irritable and angry
  • Fatigue and lack of concentration
  • Teeth grinding
  • Change in eating habits or sleeping patterns
  • Stomach difficulties

Ways on Managing Stress

Below are ways on how to handle and control stress:

Concentrate on the things you can handle

It is very important to stay on your scheduled activity and always be active. Make sure that you eat the right food and be aware on the way to respond to people around.

Establish your connections 

Since everything works online now, it is crucial to build your support system. Much better if you will attend your online classes and turn your cameras on. It is also a good idea if you greet your classmates.

Take a break and prevent fatigue

When you are in class, try to have a walk during breaks and undergo short time mindfulness habits.