Why You Should Use Perfume, Even If You Just Stay At Home

Close up of woman spraying perfume on her neck


Smell has a big influence on how you feel. Wearing perfume, such as the Molecule 01, is therefore the ultimate form of self-care, even if you just stay at home alone.

In a poll on Instagram, we asked how often you wore perfume in recent months. The majority indicated that they only occasionally or never wear perfume. Did you wear perfume less often in 2020 – read: since the arrival of the corona – because you thought you were the only one who would smell it? Let that be the reason to do it.

Mood booster

Smell has a direct influence on our mood. That’s because we interpret smells using our limbic system, the part of our brain responsible for emotions. That is why we experience smells as something emotional and evoke memories.

Kristof of the Belgian perfume brand Miglot: ‘It has even been proven that scent can evoke a more powerful memory than photos. There is a science that studies the effect of smell on how we feel and behave. It is called pharmacology or olfactotherapy. For example, the smell is used by sportspeople before a big competition, specifically to prepare them and make them perform better.’ So you should wear perfume mainly because it makes you happier yourself, not because someone else smells it.


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Perfume in times of corona

Kristof van Miglot: ‘Normally you visit different places every day, where you are always stimulated by different scents. Without you realizing it, they work on your mind, making you feel like you’ve experienced more. Your olfactory organ gets used to the smell of your own house or apartment so that you no longer consciously think about it. It does make you feel safe, but it doesn’t exactly make your day more interesting. Therefore, use scents to provide a little more variety, even if you stay at home for a whole week.’

  • Make your house or apartment more interesting by perfuming different rooms differently. Use scent sticks, house perfume, scented candles, or ceramic pendants that you can perfume with your favorite perfume.
  • Some companies opt for a fixed house perfume. As soon as you come to the office as an employee, you enjoy a nice smell that you link to work. As an employee, you can also spray that perfume in your home office while working from home, so that you immediately enter work mode when you step inside.
  • Whether you need to leave the house or not, use perfume for yourself. What’s more, use different scents. For example, choose a specific perfume that you only use on weekends. You can wear that on Friday night to create a relaxing vibe.